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Holidays are upon us, here's a few ways to stay cyber-protected while shopping online.

Holidays are upon us, so our experts have compiled a few ways to stay cyber-protected while shopping online for your loved ones...


What is Red Team Operations?

Red Team Operations services are just one of Scorpiones’s tools of raising an effective defense against Information Security Threats...

What Is Risk-Based Authentication?

What Is Risk-Based Authentication?

Risk-Based Authentication is a form of strong authentication that calculates a risk score for any given access attempt in real time, based on a predefined set of rules. Users are then presented with a..

The difference between Serverless and Kubernetes

What is the difference between Serverless and Kubernetes

Serverless is a cloud computing execution model where the cloud provider dynamically manages the allocation and provisioning of servers. while Container technology enables you to scale your applicatio..


New ransomware puts child pornography on victims' smartphones

Researchers have discovered a scary new form of ransomware scam that targets smartphone owners and uses images of child pornography in an attempt to extort money from them...

Car hacking

Car hacking explained and best practice

Automotive hacking or car hacking has become a recent concern for both driven and driverless cars, a new attack surface through which to access the vehicle’s delicate Controller Area Network (CAN) bus..

WhatsApp Hacking

New vulnerability in WhatsApp allows a GIF image to hack your Android phone

WhatsApp has recently patched a critical security vulnerability in its app for Android, which remained unpatched for at least 3 months after being discovered, and if exploited, could have allowed remo..

Wi-Fi Protocols

The Difference Between WEP, WPA, and WPA2 Wi-Fi protocols

Pretty much everywhere you go today, there is a WiFi network you can connect to. Whether it be at home, at the office or at the local coffee shop. Every WiFi network is setup with some kind of network..

Purpose of reconnaissance in red team

Like a Special Forces Unit - Red Team Operations Require Planning, Recon and Equipment

The second phase of a red team assessment is reconnaissance. In this phase, the red team attempts to collect information relevant to the assessment while keeping as low of a profile as possible. In or..

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