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Who we are

Scorpiones is a privately held firm located in Israel which specializes in providing a complete holistic solution for business-critical needs.
Scorpiones is an Information Security Services and Solutions provider offering a broad range of turn-key and tailor-made Information Security Consulting, Research, Training and Customized Technology solutions to Governments, Quasi-Government, Corporations, Enterprises and private held Companies worldwide.
Our firm is at the headspear of the Israeli Information Security industry.

Scorpiones: Delivering Security Excellency
We are an Information Security Specialist Company, trusted by organizations across the globe for securing their businesses with preventive, detective, and corrective security services and solutions.
Our team of specialists use a comprehensive arsenal of advanced products and services for risk assessment, security compliance and validation, monitoring and threat hunting, as well as training for various security certifications.
We abide by our brand promises: True Security, Customer Support, and On-time Delivery.

Our clientele spans industries ranging from banking, financial services and insurance, car manufacturers, and hospitality services to e-commerce merchants, service providers, BPO & call centers, and IT & ITES companies, etc.
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Websites are infected with some type of malware every single day.


Americans have fallen victim to some type of cyber crime.


Minutes to crack a lowercase password that is 6 characters.


Of all businesses suffered some sort of computer hack every year.

Our services

Red Team Operations

Red team is a multi-blended attack involving several facets of social engineering, physical penetration testing, application penetration testing and network penetration testing, simultaneously.
It’s aimed at revealing real-world opportunities for malicious insiders or bad actors to be able to compromise all aspects of your organization in such a way that allows for unauthorized virtual and/or physical access to sensitive information leading up to data breaches and full system/network compromise. Learn More

Incident Response Team

Scorpiones IRT is your organization's most trusted ally during cyber security breaches and emergencies.
Scorpiones IRT can assist your organization in remediating cyber-attacks and emerging threats while providing technical response and crisis management so you can come back to business rapidly.
Scorpiones IRT will detect intrusions, and hunt for attackers and malware inside your network. Learn More

Automotive Penetration Testing

Scorpiones offers end-to-end vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for automotive products.
We help our customers across industries to evaluate attack surface for their products, create threat models, define security requirements, design security architecture and help them in implementation and verification (penetration test) of their products.
We follow DevSecOps approach to ensure security is embedded throughout the life cycle of the product. Learn More

Web Application Penetration Testing

Penetration tests serve as a cost-effective mechanism to identify a representative set of vulnerabilities in a tested application, particularly those which attackers are most likely to exploit, and allow application developers to find similar instances of vulnerabilities throughout the code. Learn More

Network Penetration Testing

Penetration testing uncovers critical issues and demonstrates how well your network and information assets are protected. Combined with a comprehensive security program, penetration tests can help you reduce your risk of a data breach. Learn More

Mobile Penetration Testing

Identify and prove critical data breach exposures created by mobile devices in your environment, evaluate the security of new mobile technologies prior to deployment, get actionable data required to mitigate financial, operational & repetitional risks, assess end-user security awareness of social engineering techniques and protect end users from defamation, fraud and blackmail. Learn More

Social Engineering

Social engineering is one of the most common methods external attackers use to gain access to customer or member information.
With Scorpiones’s social engineering assessment, we can identify the potential trust exploits in your “human network” to prevent breaches and strengthen your organization’s security awareness and compliance. Learn More

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is the practice of collecting, analysing and reporting on digital data in a way that is legally admissible.
It can be used in the detection and prevention of crime and in any dispute where evidence is stored digitally.
Computer forensics follows a similar process to other forensic disciplines, and faces similar issues. Learn More

Wi-Fi Penetration Testing

Wireless networks are an extension of your organization's infrastructure perimeter and should be tested thoroughly.
While it eases the job of networking and connecting computers, it is also easy for a hacker to get into the network over wireless signals.
Insecure wireless poses a greater cybersecurity risk to the network, as compared to the cable-based network.
Scorpiones will conduct WiFi Vulnerability Assessment and provide you with a full report on your organization's security infrastructure. Learn More

Why Us?

We never leverage the junior-senior consulting model by placing entry level consultants on site – who are then overseen by seniors.
Our consultants are all top-notch and will only have the highest caliber of consultants providing value to your organization.
Scorpiones partners play an important role in providing our customers with advanced technology,
superior performance, and maximum return on investment.
We have established relationships with leading organizations in a wide range of complementary industries,
so that we may offer our customers unsurpassed value and provide our partners with the expertise, superior solutions, and collaborative relationships that come when partnering with an industry leader.

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