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Cyber Security Basics: Incident Response Team

What is Incident Response Team?

Scorpiones was founded by cyber specialists with vast experience in the Israeli defense sector.
As you probably know, the Israeli defense sector handles millions of cyber attacks each week, it takes a certain level of expertise to handle so many cyberattacks that each one could potentially risk lives.

Well, you can look at your organization as a small country that needs to be protected from cyber attacks, if not, the hackers will harm your business and could lead to a great financial loss for you.
This is where we introduce you to the "Incident Response Team".
A team of cyber specialists that will detect intrusions, and respond in real-time to the attack, hunt for attackers or malware and protect your important assets from being attacked by the hackers.
Scorpiones Incident Response Team can assist your organization in remediating cyber-attacks and emerging threats while providing technical response and crisis management so you can come back to business rapidly.

Cyber Security Basics: Incident Response Team
The management of a cyber event and the Incident Response Team's quick response is crucial to solving the crisis.
If your business would be hacked, wouldn't you want to know about it immediately? Also, our Incident Response Team will locate solutions to restoring the business in the swiftest way.

It takes special skills to successfully handle a cyber event, in every response to a cyber attack, you will need to prioritize actions, assets, and even key workers in the business.
The minutes since the IR center receives the notification of a cyber attack are very valuable and the actions taken at that time are very important.

In the case of cybersecurity emergency, you will want a dependable team to manage this crisis in the most professional and skilled manner, minimizing the damage done to your business.

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