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GDPR Compliance

GDPR and Penetration Testing: What You Need to Know

In this article we will help you understand what is GDPR, and more specifically, how GDPR relates to security and penetration testing...

Penetration testing

What Are The Different Types Of Security Penetration Testing

Penetration tests are a great way to detect holes in your security defenses. With the help of security experts you can identify vulnerabilities and learn what actions to take to protect your business ..

Penetration testing for business

What is penetration testing and do i need it in my business?

When it comes to how dangerous a cyber attack is, the answer is potentially devastating, Penetration testing is an everyday part of the job description for us here at Scorpiones. In fact, it’s our sp..

Organization network

ReDTunnel - Redefining DNS Rebinding Attack

Have you ever thought about how to access a victim's internal network without running Malware on his computer or using 0day?..

Are you human?

The difference between reCAPTCHA v2 and v3

As bots that try to pass as actual humans become more sophisticated, Google has released new versions of its reCAPTCHA API. The most recognized version of this test involves typing in distorted text, ..


How to Delete Synced Information in Chrome Browser

When you sign in to Chrome using your Google Account, a lot of your personal information gets saved and synced across all your devices, from an Information Security aspect, this is a nightmare...

Information Security Awareness at Work

10 Tips for Information Security Awareness

Employees play a crucial role in running a successful business. An untrained and negligent workforce can put your enterprise in danger of multiple data breaches. Organizations must adopt an easy to ac..

App permission safety

Protecting Your Data Through App Permissions

Requesting (and being given) permission for an app to perform operations that can provide access to user credentials, personal documents and images, personally identifiable or health information throw..

AI Malware

AI Infused Malware Is The New Security Threat To Worry About

A work of fiction? Is the future is here? In this article you will learn that in the near future, Artificial Intelligence will be able to hack, manipulate and compromise your organization's or persona..

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