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Network Penetration Testing

Is your infrastructure is resilient against the most advanced network-level attacks?
Let our Network Penetration Testers go to work, we will identify exploitable vulnerabilities and verify that your network is resilient against cyber attacks.

Network penetration testing is used by organizations to evaluate the information system defense and security against network attacks.
Our approach is identifying and actually exploiting the weaknesses found in networks, hosts, and devices in a safe way that will not harm your business at all.
At Scorpiones, we will not be providing you with a lengthy list of issues your organization has to address and remediate,
we will provide you with a report regarding specific vulnerabilities related to your network, and how to be protected.

After we agree on objectives, our skilled team of Network Penetration Testers will go to work, applying years of experience and special tools developed by and for Scorpiones.
You will be given a detailed vulnerability report and recommendations for improvement, network penetration testing enables you to comply and meet security compliance requirements in order to keep your organization’s network safe.

“New Research Finds: 1 in 5 Businesses are affected by cyber crime every month”. by NY Times, Jan 2020

If you wish to proactively improve your organization’s security posture, Network Penetration Testing is one of the best ways to determine which actionable items to use in order to protect your business.
Our team of skilled Penetration Testers is compiled of elite coders and hackers with vast experience in the Israeli Defense Sector when choosing Scorpiones,
you are choosing the best to perform Network Penetration Testing, it is necessary that a skilled and experienced team will perform the test.
In order to get the most accurate results for the test, and in order to be done in a safe way that will not result in network congestion, server outages, and system instability.

Contact Scorpiones and we will test your organization’s network security flaws.
Don’t wait until an attack happens, take action now!

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