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Incident Response Team (Scorpiones IRT)

Scorpiones Incident Response Team is your organization's most trusted ally during cybersecurity breaches and emergencies.
Our Incident Response Team will assist your organization during the cyber-attack while providing you full technical response and crisis management so you can come back to business as soon as possible The team (IRT) is composed of specific members designated before an incident occurs, we constantly prepare for and respond to any emergency or cyber incident your organization will meet.

Why is our Incident Response Team effective? Our team will detect intrusions, and seek for attackers and malware inside your network in an active way until the incident is resolved and your organization is safe again.

What will we do?
  • We will identify all attacker activities and investigate the incident.
  • Constant communication and crisis management.
  • Malware discovery and analysis.
  • Monitoring real-time attacks.
  • Collecting digital forensic evidence of past attacker activities.
  • Providing you with a full report of the incident, effects, and the corrective security services and solutions your organization will be needed.

Your organization may be facing security breaches, viruses, and other potentially catastrophic incidents, contact us now - and we will make sure your business is safe.

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