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Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Social engineering is one of the most common methods external attackers use to gain access to customer or member information. With Scorpiones’s social engineering assessment,
we can identify the potential trust exploits in your “human network” to prevent breaches and strengthen your organization’s security awareness and compliance.
What makes social engineering especially dangerous is that it relies on human error, rather than vulnerabilities in software and operating systems.
Mistakes made by legitimate users are much less predictable, making them harder to identify and thwart than a malware-based intrusion.

Scorpiones's consultants work with you to determine how susceptible your employees are to social engineering attacks and testing their vigilance by performing targeted phishing tests. We then will provide a report including recommendations for fortifying your employees’ security awareness and vigilance against external attackers using our real life social engineering simulations:

Customized Social Engineering Attacks
Our team will conduct undercover interactive tests using various creative and sometimes personalized phishing techniques to determine the extent of which an attacker can manipulate individuals in your organization.
Social Engineering Defense Recommendations
Once your social engineering test is complete, we will provide a thorough report that your organization can use in order to strengthen your social engineering defenses and employee vigilance.
Network Attack Simulations
Scorpiones can take your social engineering penetration testing one step further by engaging sophisticated network attack similar to those used by many of today’s cybercriminals and are also included in our Red Team testing services.

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