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Mobile Penetration Testing

Are your organization’s Mobile Applications safe? Are your users safe? If you are 100% sure they are, leave this page.

Or, stay one step ahead of cybercrime with comprehensive penetration testing that will identify vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in your mobile applications.
Development of Mobile Applications for your business has become extremely popular in recent years, there is practically an app for every industry out there.
Mobile applications provide a variety of advantages, while the main advantages are their ease of use and mobility, in comparison to standard online services.
On the other hand, we see almost every day new attack vectors and threats against mobile devices, and to that, we have a solution for your business.

Mobile penetration testing will identify any vulnerabilities within the mobile infrastructure of your business.
You will be given comprehensive reports generated by our skilled Mobile Penetration Testing team, the reports will present the issues found, and the potential effects on your mobile applications, network, and software.
We encourage you to contact us now, since identifying and evaluating the risks and vulnerabilities of your mobile applications is an essential part of the security policies you should use today.
Our team of skilled Penetration Testers is compiled of the elite coders and hackers with vast experience in the Israeli Defense Sector, they will test your Mobile Application using manual and automatic tools developed by and for Scorpiones, all in a safe way that will not harm your business in any way.
Contact us now in order to take proactive

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