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Cyber Security Basics: Red Team

What is Red Team?
In this article we will explain the term “Red Team”, how does a Red Team Project conducts, what are it’s benefits and why more and more organizations choose to perform such test.

A Red Team is a group of people, which their sole role is to play the enemy for your business, and actually cyber attacking your organization or business.

On the other hand, we’ve got the Blue Team, which is trusted with protecting the organization and responding to an incoming attack, But in this article, we will be focusing on the Red Team in connection to Penetration Testing and consulting.

What are Penetration Testing?
Penetration Testing are by their name, tests to information systems, applications, infrastructure and other technological components in the organization by simulating a cyber attack by hackers,
the documentation of the process and producing a detailed report which includes all the weaknesses and faults in the systems that have been found by the testing team, the report also includes remediation and possible security strategies.

Now after you know what is a Red Team and what is Penetration Testing, let’s see how the Red Team operates within the Penetration Testing.

Cyber Security Basics: Red Team
The Red Team is compiled of several Information Security experts with “hands on” experience in various systems, technologies and even non-technological skills as lockpicking, social engineering and just plain creativity.

Many companies today turn to Red Team Operations since the organization will be able to receive a reliable image of the level and status of it’s cyber or even physical security, while the Red Team is doing it’s work, there are only several key workers in the organization who are aware of the attack, this way you ensure the test is reliable and the team is acting as if a real attack would occur.

The advantages of the Red Team
Red Teams often use various scenarios and attack vectors against the target, be it gaining physical access or using phishing and social engineering in order to achieve the Red Team’s goals,
the tests itself allows the organization not only understand it’s technical security faults, but also understand what are the potential risks the organization is facing.

After the test is completed, the report will be analyzed by the cyber experts, every part of the process will be explained thoroughly,
the client will understand what was conducted, which tests succeeded and which ones failed, how could some situations be avoided or solved faster and how to improve the level of security in the business.

In conclusion, the Red Team will improve your organization’s resilience against cyber attack, point out failures in the defense system and the weak links in the human vector of your business, but also show you the potential damages your business could suffer due to cyber attack.
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