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Web Application Penetration Testing On-Demand

Web Application Penetration Testing On-Demand

Our team of experts perform real world attack simulations on your infrastructure to identify existing vulnerabilities and obtain recommendations on how to improve your overall security...

WiFi Security

Network Defense - Leave it to the professionals.

Many business owners believe that they aren’t in risk of being attacked. If you’re using WiFi at your organization to connect to the Internet from your computer or mobile devices, you could become the..

Drupal Hacking

Update Drupal ASAP: Over a million sites can be easily hacked by any visitor

Drupal warns that attackers can exploit the flaw through several avenues. Any visitor, regardless of privileges, can exploit the flaw by visiting an affected site and gain access to, modify and delete..

What Is Risk-Based Authentication?

What Is Risk-Based Authentication?

Risk-Based Authentication is a form of strong authentication that calculates a risk score for any given access attempt in real time, based on a predefined set of rules. Users are then presented with a..

Wi-Fi Protocols

The Difference Between WEP, WPA, and WPA2 Wi-Fi protocols

Pretty much everywhere you go today, there is a WiFi network you can connect to. Whether it be at home, at the office or at the local coffee shop. Every WiFi network is setup with some kind of network..

Purpose of reconnaissance in red team

Like a Special Forces Unit - Red Team Operations Require Planning, Recon and Equipment

The second phase of a red team assessment is reconnaissance. In this phase, the red team attempts to collect information relevant to the assessment while keeping as low of a profile as possible. In or..

GDPR Compliance

GDPR and Penetration Testing: What You Need to Know

In this article we will help you understand what is GDPR, and more specifically, how GDPR relates to security and penetration testing...

Penetration testing

What Are The Different Types Of Security Penetration Testing

Penetration tests are a great way to detect holes in your security defenses. With the help of security experts you can identify vulnerabilities and learn what actions to take to protect your business ..

Penetration testing for business

What is penetration testing and do i need it in my business?

When it comes to how dangerous a cyber attack is, the answer is potentially devastating, Penetration testing is an everyday part of the job description for us here at Scorpiones. In fact, it’s our sp..

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