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What is Red Team Operations?

Red Team Operations services are just one of Scorpiones’s tools of raising an effective defense against Information Security Threats.
Scorpiones’s Red Team service provides defense at every stage of an attack, in order to discover your security’s failure points before It’s too late.

Red Team Operations will attack your business in order to find weaknesses, After our “attack”, Our team will provide you a report and suggestions on how to cover the security holes we discovered and exploited.

The Red Team’s objective is to improve your cybersecurity by successfully attacking your business and demonstrating what works for the defenders (Blue Team) in an operational environment.

Red Team Operations

There are three stages for a successful Red Team Operation:
    Initial understanding of the business.
    The Red Team experts will create a list of potential threats that are relevant to the business and based on that list, attacks will be simulated for assessment.
    This stage could be split into two, reconnaissance and threat simulation.
    Reconnaissance includes exploration of the attack surface of the business and threat simulation is to assess the security risks on business functions.
    At the end of the Red Team operation, you will be given a report that sums up the details of the attack and a synopsis of the recommended strategy.

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