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Spoof Caller ID

Caller ID Spoofing – What It Is and What to Do About It

If you have ever received a call where the caller said that you called them when you have not, then your number was most likely spoofed by another person. Worried? you should be! read more now...

Vishing - Voice phishing

What is Vishing? Voice Phishing Scams Explained & How to Prevent Them

Most of us have been trained to be careful of clicking on links and attachments that arrive in emails unexpected, but it’s easy to forget scam artists are constantly dreaming up innovations to improve..

Information Security Awareness at Work

10 Tips for Information Security Awareness

Employees play a crucial role in running a successful business. An untrained and negligent workforce can put your enterprise in danger of multiple data breaches. Organizations must adopt an easy to ac..

AI Malware

AI Infused Malware Is The New Security Threat To Worry About

A work of fiction? Is the future is here? In this article you will learn that in the near future, Artificial Intelligence will be able to hack, manipulate and compromise your organization's or persona..

Phishing Campaign

Phishing Attacks increase During The Holidays

Spring in Israel isn’t just about blooming flowers and holiday vacations. It’s also peak season for phishing when scammers use email, text messages, and fake websites to trick people into giving up th..

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