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How to Delete Synced Information in Chrome Browser

When you sign in to Chrome using your Google Account, a lot of your personal information gets saved and synced across all your devices, from an Information Security aspect, this is a nightmare...

Scorpiones Mobile

10 Ways to Secure Your Mobile Device

Learn how to protect your mobile device from hijacking and malware, Dvir Levi from Scorpiones gives you 10 ways to secure your smartphone. read all about it now...

Security Camera

How to maintain your facebook privacy

How to use Facebook and keep some of your privacy: endless year of privacy scandals may have been the biggest cyber security story of 2018. So you may be wondering if it’s even possible to use Faceboo..


How to keep your passwords safe

How to keep your passwords from being an attacker’s key to your account, The whole point of a password is to keep unauthorized people out of your accounts. But when not constructed and used properly, ..

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