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Holidays are upon us, here's a few ways to stay cyber-protected while shopping online.

Hannukah is upon us and so is the start of the holiday season - which means the start of online shopping deals that are too tempting to be ignored.
Black Friday marks the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping season with the online sales extending through the weekend up till Cyber Monday.

E-commerce businesses are gearing for the last holidays of the year, and those holidays are the busiest with more people turning up to the web and mobile devices to complete their holiday shopping.
Safe Online Shopping
Here are 6 cybersecurity tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to keep you safe in this holiday season:
  1. Be aware while using public WiFi as they pose a major security risk
  2. Ensure that the E-commerce website has an HTTPS connection with a valid encryption certificate
  3. Be cautious about offers online - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
  4. Keep changing your passwords from time to time
  5. Limit the amount of information you post online
  6. Review and understand the details of an E-commerce app before downloading

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